Christ Be Our Light 


  Bernadette Farrell


Christ be our light 
shine in our hearts 
shine through the darkness 
Christ be our light 
shine in your church 
gathered today

Arguably one of the most useful collections of liturgical music ever published,CHRIST BE OUR LIGHT reflects Bernadette's commitment to accessible, beautiful, inspirational songs for Sunday liturgy. But they are more than just simple songs. This collection is founded firmly on the power of the Gospel message. The songs are an affirmation that Christ is a light for our world, and that this light must shine through us, through our words, through our deeds. We are called to commit ourselves to real action, in the name of Christ. Christ is our light, and we must be the "light-bearers". The incarnation of Christ continues through us. 

Gospel Acclamation 
Breaking Of Bread 
Christmas Responsorial Psalm 
Common Responsorial Psalm 
Gospel Acclamation 
Gathering, Procession 
Eucharistic Acclamation 
Faith in God 
Mary's Song of Trust 
Secure in God's Care 
Confidence & Trust 
Litany of Faith 
Responsorial Psalm

Alleluia, Word Of God 
Christ, Be Our Light 
Christmas Psalm 
Common Psalm 
Gospel Greeting 
I Rejoiced 
Jesus, Lamb Of God 
Let Nothing Trouble You 
O God, You Search Me 
On The Day I Called 
We Believe 
Your Words Are Spirit And Life 

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